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Garage Conversion Planning Permission

Planning Permission is not generally required for a garage conversion, in fact, only about 10% will require a Planning Permission application. This is under the new regulations that came into effect from 1 October 2008, providing the work is internal and does not involve enlarging the building.

The majority of properties have what is termed Permitted Development Rights. Permitted Development is a category of work, which can be undertaken without the need for planning permission. Garage conversions fall within this category most of the time. Some properties have had their Permitted Development Rights taken away at the time they were built and in these cases planning permission has to be applied for.

We would advise that you make a simple phone call to your local Planning office, to check if you require Planning Permission. If we are instructed to provide the plans to convert your garage, we will do this for you and get the answer in writing.

Garage Conversion Building Regulations

All garage conversions will require a Building Regulations application. Garage Conversion Plans will take care of this on your behalf.

Garage conversions have to comply with the Building Regulations, which are part of the Building Act 1984 (Amended by the building regulations act 1991). These regulations stipulate the precise method of constructing a building in 14 different areas of construction.

A Building Regulations application fee is normally priced between £135.00 and £165.00 dependant upon your Local Authority. We will fill out all application forms and submit the application for you.

Please see our sample Building Regulations Sectional drawing.


Garage Conversion sample drawing (200kb)

For those amongst you who have a little construction knowledge, or are interested in what Building Regulations we adhere to when converting your garage, please see the following checklist.

sample drawings

Building Regulations Checklist (20kb)

But please don't worry if you don't understand the above checklist, as that's what you pay us to do!


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